Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why don't you use Arduino?

A: You may use any bootloader you like.  We use GRUB.
Q: Excuse me?
Q: Oh, you mean AVR microcontrollers?
A: Umm... yeah.
A: We have some microcontroller based designs on the drawing board.  Development is slow going.  Please see the donate button on the right if you'd like to accelerate development.

Q: Why don't you use PLCs? 

A: They're typically more expensive, mostly proprietary hardware and limited number of programming languages available. 

Q: Do you have any documentation detailing your builds?

A: Unfortunately we are still working on the documentation for our builds but we will be posting them in the 'Projects' section of the site once we've finished building that.  

Q: Are the hardware designs available? 

A: We have signed up a github account and we will be putting them online very soon.  We have some minor revisions we want to make before publishing them though.  Sign up on our mailing lists and/or like us on facebook to be alerted when those are uploaded.
If you have any questions not found in this list, please feel free to send them to: Questions (at)

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